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Ostentatious x Customellow x Cracker your wardrobe

Steven Onoja: Your updated Summer vest over a spotted print shirt can also function with a blazer. Try it with chino or jeans for a very sharp, but slightly laid back look. Here… Continue reading

Ostentatious x Looking fresh on a Budget

Steven Onoja : Your updated summer jacket can also function as a blazer. Try it with trousers for a very sharp, but slightly laid back, look. White trousers are both versatile and striking.… Continue reading

Ostentatious x The Suit

Steven Onoja : In clothing, a suit is a set of costumes made from the same cloth, consisting of at least a jacket and trousers. Lounge suits are the most common style of… Continue reading

Ostentatious: The double breasted suit

Steven Onoja: “Single vents are not correct on double-breasted jackets, and I’ve mostly seen them on American brands that try to make the suit more “conservative” by putting a single vent in than… Continue reading

Ostentatious: One way

Steven Onoja: A good example of easy “interchangeability”: this outfit works with the down Jacket layered over the sweater, or each on its own. Trade them both for the suit jacket or blazer… Continue reading