Ostentatious: The Essential Chino

Steven Onoja I just try to switch it up and bring something new to the table. The end of spring and into the nice, Hot summer weather. With hot weather, more creative starts… Continue reading

Ostentatious : Levi’s jeans

Steven Onoja : I don’t always wear skinny jeans. The clothes is simple to very dandy degree, which to most label houses is an almost impossible route. I thought was cool to wear… Continue reading

Ostentatious : The Waistcoat

Steven Onoja: As always, each item is made with different stories quality for which the are known. The city in spring calls for the timeless trench. An elegant silk tie. A pair of… Continue reading

Ostentatious : Sebago Handsewns

Steven Onoja: After a lot of searching, I came across Sebago handsewns to make my looks more shape and beat up during the spring months. I was able to grab this for $114,… Continue reading

Spring/Ostentatious: Check Pant – J.Press

Steven Onoja: Some days you just got to try on whatever you want Arising from a natural inclination or impulse and see how it turns out. It just works so well for me… Continue reading