Ostentatiou – Knitted Beanie Hat

Steven Onoja : Knitted Beanie hats have been all over the festival fields this summer and are set to continue to adorn our heads throughout the winter too. The Style hats are perfect… Continue reading

Ostentatiou : Green military Blazer

Steven Onoja : Military Blazer Notched collar and plenty pocket give military inspiration to a stretch twill blazer. Also the Military inspired drummer boy jacket with unusual lined darting with brightly colored hat… Continue reading

ostentatiou: Levi’s textile waistcoat

Steven Onoja : The Levi’s waistcoat is a great looking piece for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. The striped textile waistcoat comes in different colors with double-pocket detailing and also features internal… Continue reading

Ostentatious : Military Jacket

Steven Onoja : vintage African military jacket one of a mind. The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an September day. Layering is a great… Continue reading

Ostentatious: Straw

Steven Onoja: When the temperature is not too hot, the headwear is the perfect to an otherwise laid-back summer casual look. The straw hat also fits nicely. This is a great hat for… Continue reading