Ostentatious: Yellow Monster

Steven Onoja : How about you? This week I have mostly been slogging away at the Christmas celebration, Although, I hope you all is having a great holiday. Still, that hasn’t stopped me… Continue reading

Ostentatious: Vest x Denim Jacket

Steven Onoja: Vest may refer to other outside garments, such as a sports tank top, or a expanded sleeveless jacket popular for hunting, commonly known as a hunting vest. It will be a… Continue reading

Ostentatious : Fall/Winter Color block sweater

Steven Onoja : Color is super strong for fall. So, those of you who have been shying away from color, it’s time to embrace it!! Even this New Yorker has branched out, and… Continue reading

Fall Ostenatious: Tweed Blazer

Steven Onoja : With fall nipping off our noses I dressed in my best tweed and push My peddles down to the city. Every rendition of tweed imaginable, and interpretations I didn’t even… Continue reading

Ostentatious : Hooded Duffel Coat

Steven Onoja : As the cold weather sets in, wrapping up warm takes precedence if you’re venturing out of the house. You’ll still want to look and feel good though, This is my… Continue reading