Steven Onoja Started Ostentationandstyle.com To show the world My thoughts, eclectic style, creativity and personal insights on life.Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time. and decided he wanted to be recognized for her personality. Since being introduce at a younger age to quality dress and appearance my friends.

The secret to dressing well isn’t about labels, but it is always about proportions. I love seeing beautiful people in their marvelous and ostentatious second skin and personal style; that’s why I’m here.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Steven Onoja was always encouraged by family and friends to pursue of his career. At his Young age discover I could Draw, where I immediately started developing then painting and went into Graphic designs. Worked in a gallery and did several competition In Art. was seeing much success In my art career

Now reside In New York City With the explosion of menswear what they do is provide the vision from a urban perspective, Effortless Style and look to connect with creative Individuals.

My goal is to be a positive figure that people can turn to for inspiration while fulfilling my dreams. Everyone has their own unique style and personal touch to share with the world.