Ostentatious x Tank Top

Steven Onoja: Firstly, my apologies for the delay in this month’s post I have been on the road in a minute – We will try to get back at it as soon as possible.
Summer can be a complex time for style. Most guys keep it simple with a t-shirt/polo & shorts, and all layering goes out the window, to beat the heat.
In the current fashion world, the tank top has evolved from a modest 1920s swim top for women into what is today, an absolute necessity in almost all households. Boys and girls, men and women, all have found that tank tops have developed into an integral and very useful part of their wardrobe. From a racer back tank for women to a plain white tank for small boys, tank tops have become a necessary part of life.

In the popular layered look of today, tank tops are important. A smooth layered quality can only be reached when the bottom layer is a lightweight shirt. In this, only tank tops can fill the bill.
Camera – Pentax
Straw Hat –
Tank top – Urban Outfitter
Jeans – Vintage Levis
Shoe – calvin klein

When walking around in the lower latitudes the sun is [most likely] a LOT stronger than wherever you normally live. So, to be on the safe side, many people do as the Conchs do, and wear head protection. That head covering should be light and well-ventilated. A straw hat fills the bill.
It’s summer, lighten up! Literally and figuratively. It’s not only the time for lighter fabrics but also a lighter mood – don’t be afraid to have fun with brighter colors and bolder patterns. I simply reversed West pattern mixing – with an 80′s influenced graphic tank top on the solid vintage Levi’s jeans.
This is a look that is very not me, but at times we need to try something different from which we are not use to – they’re made to be worn. It drives me crazy when I see guys that have a closet full of beautiful clothing collecting dust while they wear the same simple outfits day in and day out.

It’s all about balance: make sure that the tank isn’t too tight, and the Vintage Levi’s jeans few days ago, ran into it at buffola exchange. it is comfortable and a good price. on the other hand, as you can see by the current condition of the vintage levi’s jeans, it seem like it was owned back in the 80’s. Well made clothing is meant to be resilient – don’t be afraid to put it to the test.
Notice how his shoe selection completely changes the way you perceive this outfit. The red shoe from calvin klein is a causal shoe, treat it as one!As I’ve shared before, I like mixing dressy elements with casual ones in order to create a unique and unexpected look.

Tanks are one of the only garments that I suggest buying one size up. Tank tops, like several other summer looks, look best on the fit – but that doesn’t mean a heavier guy can’t pull it off!

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Photo Credit : Jonas Leon of thriftforthefashion.tumblr.com
Charles Iwobi of charlesblazer.tumblr.com