Ostentatious x Customellow x Cracker your wardrobe

Steven Onoja: Your updated Summer vest over a spotted print shirt can also function with a blazer. Try it with chino or jeans for a very sharp, but slightly laid back look. Here are some examples for a shoot from a magazine project. Maybe we will feel a little more inspired after reading this post.

This project is a lookbook photoshoot for a collaboration between a brand called “Customellow” http://www.customellow.com/ and the street fashion magazine “Cracker Your Wardrobe” http://thecracker.co.kr/. The photographs will be published during the summer. So I was informed by Youngjun koo to be a part of the project. Thanks Koo!
Here is an example of how I wear spotted print shirt with a blazer. Keep in mind, personal style is all about doing you. Would you wear this Customellow spotted print shirt? Summer is here, while in Florida on a visit the weather has been heating up. It’s a great time to slowly unpack some pieces from the summer wardrobe and layer them up for a comfortable Summer look.

Combining dressy and casual elements, is a great way to create an interesting outfit that is appropriate for a variety of occasions. The print originated from the east and Asia, throughout history to have been able to wear these fabrics was a status symbol. The print is a bold print that brings character to an outfit with little effort, even when played in a bold or subtle ensemble.
This printed shirt by Customellow has been constructed in cotton. It comes in a regular fit. The details include: No collar, classic placket, standard hem, side slits and Short cuffs. This printed shirt by Customellow has been styled with skinny chino pants.

Navy blue Hat – Vintage Danbury Hat
Navy Blue Blazer – prince edward contemporary formal wear by razer
Waistcoat – Customellow
Spotted Print Shirt – Customellow
Chino pants – Customellow
Green leather Bag – Customellow
Vintage Shoe – Hanover

“Communicates with contemporary men by taking the timeless fashion of gentlemen’s attire and observing it throughout own unique perspective and reinterpreting the style to reflect the spirit of our times.” – Customellow!

Chino is both versatile and striking. They work with just about anything (including plain white) and always bring a Spring/Summer outfit to a new eye-catching level. If you haven’t already, I suggest making the investment.
The Chino is Customellow, after an accident ended his promising cycling career; Customellow was propelled into the world of fashion. Famed for his mantra “classics with a twist” is an Korean brand by Customellow. The concept was originally designed to attract consumers aged teens at a lower price point than the parent brand, Captivating audiences with his creative style and quirky detailing.

As always, thanks for reading!

Photo Credit – Youngjun Koo of Koo.im
Location – Chelsea pier
Yours in style,
Steven Onoja