Ostentatious x Spring Fabrics – Denim

Steven Onoja: I find some people seem to shy away from wearing denim on denim maybe because it can look bad and amazing. I personally like it. if done right. I find sometimes denim can be a little to “easy” to wear for most guys they wear it so much they forget what makes it unique what makes it interesting.

This sweater combo keeps me warm from the harsh winds. In fact, it started raining, so I wasn’t able to take too many pictures. This entire week is suppose to rain, which sucks because I wanted to make plans to be outside in the city now trying to get things done. Luckily, there might be one day this week we are expecting sunshine, so I’ll be sure to be out then! Yesterday I went shopping in the thrift shop (only because I live close to it) I couldn’t find one thing! Maybe I’ll have better luck going to a mall which I haven’t had much time to do!

I personally love wearing denim because nothing says old school swagger like a pair of turned up dark wash jeans or an amazingly well worn denim trucker. However for most guys, denim becomes a fall back “Oh I cant be bothered..Ill just wear my jeans” type of deal and it becomes boring and plain.

Vintage Mens Hat
H&M – brown sweater
Topman – Corduroy Sleeve Shirt
Vintage- Denim Backpack
A&F – Jeans
Topman – Print sock
Vintage Mens shoe

That had nothing to do with menswear blogging but its true, its one of my favourite shows. That aside, on to this new post!

I have to thank my best friend Chantal for going out with me for this shoot P.s Thanks everyone for reading this and checking out my blog!! It means a lot! I also wanted to mention it on my previous post but I wasn’t able to.

I chose to stick with a soft colour palette adding a vivid accessory. Feeling blue and a little nostalgic, here are colours of a dream. I love the pattern on this shirt, in fact I have matching bed sheets I found at a local thrift shop. Which is probably one of the reasons why I’m reminded of sleep? I’ll keep it short and sweet for today. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Photo credit – Monika Robinson of MeR DESIGN STUDIO
Location – South street seaport, Manhattan