Ostentatious x Seaport, Long Island

Steven Onoja : It was a pleasure having met with Monika Robinson of MeR DESIGN STUIDO, more interestingly enough, same day as my previous post. If learning were a hobby, it would undoubtedly have to be a favorite of mine. Hearing about the history and tradition from an art and photography buff like her, was enough to make me want to pull up a chair for a day-long discussion.

Continuing our journey the same afternoon after the first shoot, we strolled downtown, making a stop at the seaport. Inviting enough at first glance, but upon actually stepping in, I knew it was going to be an exceptional visit. Is much different experience than Brooklyn at first step, as far as architecture and climate were concerned Interesting how quick the city is even at afternoon but the change in pace is much appreciated. The weather is much warmer and consistent sunny today.


Vintage Hat

Navy Blue Blazer – Theory

Strip sleeves – H&M

Brown Leather Bag – Vintage

Red Pants – J.crew

Footwear – Converse

We grow and our taste changes and develops with our experiences and what we come across. When I don’t want to wear black and I want to somewhat remain a bit somber in my tones. Blues are great to play with.  This stylish mens leather briefcase is ideal for office or daily life. The mens leather briefcase made from full grain crazy horse leather.

So I’m on a roll with keeping myself busy and productive lately, and it feels great. The days of waking up at a complete loss I really do not want to have to go back to and deal with. Sometimes you just got to get up and do whatever you feel, even if you don’t even have a full plan on how you’re going to attack it just go with the flow. Hunting for photographer, scouting locations, and drawing up concepts are quite the time filler.

Who said to be dresses on converse had to look sloppy?

Hat a great find. Through Grant mentioning this shop was originally for trading and dry goods, I was a bit nervous at what I would find, with the time on my hand but he was correct, I saw quite a few clothing items there. It seems they are expanding their horizons, which proved to be good for us. I was able to scope out the space, seeing anything from vintage satchels, shoes, aftershave, cabinets, to stainless steel flasks. Everything was worn, but in the best way.

The blazer is one of a kind, some truly awesome pieces. For example, is one of the coolest vintage pieces I’ve seen. Sure, sometimes I feature different items on the site. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t look sharp and stylish without breaking the bank. Of the crew, I think I have the best eye for finding cool, wearable vintage pieces. I live in a neighborhood with some great vintage shop and pops in on a regular basis.
Exploring the classics and their some the many terms that arose in our conversation. It was great to be able to absorb the knowledge. I was thrilled to hold in my hand one of my favorite footwear, converse

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