Ostentatious x Cole Haan

Steven Onoja: I just recently had the opportunity to travel to Long island, New York. When I first found out I was ecstatic because not only was it a good opportunity for Ostentation and style but I also had the chance to relive spring. I always loved the saying, “The outer directly affects the inner”. I keep this in mind every time I get dress. The item that I could not leave behind while packing for my trip was my new exclusive Cole haan. Although this Cole haan footwear only displays one word, it speaks volume and class. The Cole haan footwear is the complete opposite of what someone should wear, but as stated before it’s a mindset and you make your own rules. The main purpose is to just be you and have confidence while doing so.

One of my recent projects was a little shoot I put together with Monika Robinson of MeR DESIGN STUDIO

The moment I stepped in I can feel the authentic within the space. MeR DESIGN STUDIO is quite discerning when selecting creative location you want to carry within our image. What I genuinely respect about what she said is that clothing should not just be worn but also should accompany a lifestyle and be lived into. With that being said, in their methods of deciding on who to carry.

Being able to speak with like-minded individuals always makes good conversation and he was dressed as sharply as his mind was that afternoon, speaking about anything from menswear to music, artistic evolution and creation. We shared visions, inspirations, as well as upcoming projects. It was a pleasure finally to work with her.

Early spring is a great time for layering with lightweight pieces. A hybrid shirt/blazer, or “shacket”, makes it easy since it can be worn over, or under, just about anything. As the weather warms up, ditch the heavy coats for something much easier and cooler.

Here I wore my favorite vintage blazer from put.on shop, plaid (GOD DAMN I LOVE THOSE THINGS) Vintage shopping, in combination with tailoring, is a great way to find unique, inexpensive pieces to add some personality to your wardrobe.

Straw Hat – Urban outfitters
Vintage Plaid Blazer – put.on shop
White Collarless sleeve – H&M
Polo shirt – Topman
Backpack – Thrift store
Blue Jeans – Abercrombie & Fitch
Socks – Topman
Shoe Project – Cole Haan

I don’t really need to write much for this outfit really it’s simple to see that this is my version of “casual” HA! This is really as casual as I get. Here i purposely wore a shirt that’s a collarless, this basically made sure it didn’t get lost behind the polo and blazer; I bought it from H&M in Manhattan. As people here know, is not known for its fashionable clothing, but I think (even though it’s not showing) it actually is a really nice shirt you would be surprised with how much it goes with

When thinking of men’s shoes what comes to mind? Maybe wingtip, oxford, loafer or even moccasin. Well a stylish alternative for men that has been hitting the streets, the nightlife and even the runway lately are men’s cole haan footwear.