Ostentatious: Vintage fit

Steven Onoja:
If you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard this before: a man’s metals, as well as his leathers, should match in color family. Most of us know the age-old rule: “black with black, brown with brown”. This rule, however, doesn’t only apply to black and brown (although they are the safest, most common and most natural looking hides)…quality letterman products come in just about any color these days.

Brown Suede Baseball Cap – Thrift
Long sleeves strips – H&M
Letterman Jacket – Thrift
brown belt – Dr jays
Brown Chino – Dockers
Men shoe – Coach

I’ve always thought there is something about the color red, in the right shade – Today I’m mixing casual elements (brown chino dockers, no socks, strip shirt, Letterman jacket) I got the Letterman jacket from a thrift store in Manhattan, few month ago since then it has been one of my favorite piece for winter/spring. It was all for the help of my friend Chan, i got those.

The shape is a little more style-forward, and in a bolder color like this it allows you to stand apart from the sea of brown, grey and navy outerwear. Not everything in vintage stores is truly “vintage”.

Brown Chino – Don’t let the soft feel fool you. These khakis are ridiculously comfortable. But they’re also just as reliable and stylish as your go-to jeans. Slim fit is great for the leaner guy or anyone looking for a more modern fit.

If you are relatively new to experimenting with color, a good tip is to limit the number of colors in your outfit. If you notice here, I’m really only wearing two colors: red and brown. Keep it simple; too many colors can be distracting and look a little overly ambitious.