Ostentatious: The double breasted suit

Steven Onoja: “Single vents are not correct on double-breasted jackets, and I’ve mostly seen them on American brands that try to make the suit more “conservative” by putting a single vent in than a double vent. Conservative American style shuns the double vent. Thankfully that is changing.
Glen plaids that almost invisible are suit fabrics and would make the jacket look like it came from a suit. It needs to be fairly bold to work as an odd jacket. But other patterns can work, such as the mid-blue windowpane above.”

There are variations on how many buttons there are on a double breasted jacket as opposed to the number that actually fasten. The way to describe a double breasted jacket is to firstly say the number of buttons it has and then the number of buttons that fasten (usually the number of button holes it has). Therefore you may have a six-on-three, six-on-two, or even four-on-two jacket.

Double Breasted Suit – Thrift
Blue tie – Bloomingdales
Light blue long sleeves – Zara
blue jeans levi’s – thrift
Brown Suede Shoes – thrift

I think patch pockets are great for odd double-breasted jackets, and they are historically correct. Here are a two 1930s fashion plates that include great examples of the style. trench that we gentlemen are predisposed to wearing in the colder months.

I just decided to dress casual for today, from my wardrobe. I have a double breasted jacket that I picked up from the thrift store which is a two-on-one jacket. The moment i saw it. it caught my attention and i decided to get it. To be sure, the double-breasted blazer is a power move. There’s no real way for it to be taken lightly, as it espouses a fair degree of formality.

On the other hand, As i was looking for a pants to wear long side with the suit, the vintage Levi’s jeans was the piece which came up in mind and i decided to use it and it was a good look.

i saw this same style of clothing on a couple of people that i admired and inspired me

So, the point. Is the Double Breasted suit a necessity? Not necessarily.
But it’s a hell of a statement.
and you’ll be inspired to give ‘em hell when you step out of your door.
As you were gents.