Ostentatious: Workwear

Steven Onoja: I understands the importance of investing in quality items, but that doesn’t mean they have to look pristine. It proof that well-made clothing is built to be resilient and looks better over time with a little worn-in character. One of my favorite boot designed by Dr martens I feel comfortable rocking this “winter”. Dr. Martens began producing some footwear again in England, in the Cobb’s Lane Factory in Wollaston. These products are part of the “Vintage” line, which the company advertises as being made to the original specs.

Hat – thrift
Caliber Sportsman’s Apparel – Thrift
Long sleeves Strip – Thrift
Check Scarf
Denim Jacket – Zara Jeans
Brown Levis – Thrift
Dr Martens Boot – Thrift

“This is a bit of a work wear look for me. As a matter of fact I wear this out almost every day.”
The toughness of this rings goes well with this outfit, it was giving to me by my friend Samuel and he also the took this photo how awesome can that be, thanks bro. It’s a really wearable piece.

I’m not a big fan of mens bracelets, mainly because they’ve become a craze and it’s gone too far. I see guys wearing dozens of different wrist wraps in multiple colors and fabrics…it’s too much.

I love how Dr Martens boot looks are often drawn from a specific inspiration – workwear, professorial, vintage, etc.
It’s a common trait among designers I think.

Photo Credit : Samuel
Location : Brooklyn, New York.