Ostentatious: Somewhere in Brooklyn

Steven Onoja: So, I bought this brown coat couple of weeks ago on my day off up in Williamburg…

Hat – thrift
Brown Coat – Thrift
WHO.A.U Sweater vext – thrift
Long Sleeve shirt – J.crew
Black denim jeans – Thrift
Sock – Topman
Shoes- London

This brown coat ended up in my hands right once I walked in. I mean, if this jacket could talk, I can imagine raucous stories of women holding on to it for dear life as the owner careened around the curves of mountain roads somewhere.
It was kept on hold for me by a friend of mine who work at the store; I don’t even know how thankful I am for what she did.
I want to use this opportunity to thank her for this awesome find, can never go wrong.

Buffalo Exchange is the place to go, people. It’s stocked full of reasonably priced and well-curated options. You’ll spend a handful of minutes sifting through their selection from the bossman, Chan. She got a great eye and know’s what she’s doing. Check them out on the interwebz or head up their to the store one of these days.

Yes, already so late in the day. But never too late for an end-of-the-week wrap-up you can blow a whole Thursday afternoon on. So, first thing’s first:

He’s obviously lying low until the heat dies down, and accordingly didn’t have time to leave much in the way of an explanation for this series. So, we’ll let the photos do the talking.

The hat was the perfect find in the city, I couldn’t walk pass it the moment I set my eyes on it I just have to get them. I’m still amazed by the compliments I get and the friends I’ve met while walking around the city with this hat on. Fitted and in a traditional cut. I love this hat.