Ostentatious: Camouflage sleeves vest

Steven Onoja : It was a bright and beautiful day, decided to meet up with my brother man Ev Bravado in the city on Broadway and spring.
So I thought to make an outfit inspired by overcast blues. To convey my interpretation of a cloudy day, I thought to use easy and dark colors mixing together like a similar color scheme. I’m possessed with this brand new Life after Denim jacket; perfect for the season. Not only is it lightweight, but still able to keep me warm.

Hat – thrift
Denim jacket – Levis
Camouflage sleeves vest – Thrift
Long sleeve shirt – J.crew
Denim jeans – Thrift
Oxfords shoes

Another cool item which I must talk about is Camouflage sleeves vest. The decoration reminds me of most of Nigeria where I grew up, but of course a dark and sprayed down variety of it.

Every now and again, I’ll do a round of thrifting in my home neighborhood in Brooklyn. If I’ve recently gotten money, some of them are ill-fitting, others are just silly, and more than not, they end up in my closet unworn. A friend of mine Chan found this denim jacket from me and decided to keep them for me, this just made my day, a big thanks to her.

I know finding the best store for Camouflage can be hard. All you need to do some walking around and you will be able to find all the stores & deals you are looking for today for Camouflage. I went thrifting a day before with my brother Ev Bravado, found a lot of good clothes in different store we visited. My first find was the camouflage sleeves vest, that’s just made my day totally.

Oxfords, fresh to death