Ostentatious: Rainy Tuesday

Steven Onoja I love novelty glasses.
And by novelty, I mean obnoxious.

Red Beanie Hat
Novelty glasses
Banana Republic – Blue denim Shirt
thrift – hunt jacket
J.Crew – Corduroy pants
Shoes – Converse, All star

Winter, for me, is primarily about two things: layers and fabrics. Flannels, wools, thick-knits. Jackets over shirts, with scarves on top. Hats too, sometimes. Put on boots, any boots. And don’t forget waterproof jacket. Winter is your time to experiment. It’s your chance to find who you are, sartorially. Throw on some sportcoats. Or don’t, it’s your call. But really, above all, have fun. Clothes can be fun. They should be fun.

Wear a Ghanaian hand craft. You should know how creative it is to be on accessories with a difference, beauty and heritage. Plus, accessories are the new way to display your personality (sarcasm). But in all seriousness, start collecting. Or just buy this.

Winter is also a great time to break in a fresh pair of raw denim or if your corduroy collection is already two or so deep, get on that corduroy fabrics. You’ll be glad you did. There isn’t anything particularly exciting about my outfit, especially for my general thrust for anything obnoxious or questionable. However, Just look at the color of the outfit.