Ostentatious: Yellow Monster

Steven Onoja : How about you? This week I have mostly been slogging away at the Christmas celebration, Although, I hope you all is having a great holiday. Still, that hasn’t stopped me dreaming about future projects, aided by the New Year ahead of us.
I feel bad posting this, because it’s easy to be critical of other peoples’ creativity – it’s harder to be creative yourself. However, I have to say it.

Suit Fink Clothing – Thrift
Yellow Monster Cashmere Cardigan – Thrift
Topman Long sleeves – Topman
Blue jeans
Westland Shoes

I love these taxi yellow pumps. Wearing J. Crew cashmere cardigan, Proportion of Blue jeans with a fold on. I’m actually very fond of these jeans, and was trying to find if they are still sold anywhere.

An armful of gloss bracelets collected from all over.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year Day tomorrow.