Fall Ostenatious: Tweed Blazer

Steven Onoja : With fall nipping off our noses I dressed in my best tweed and push My peddles down to the city. Every rendition of tweed imaginable, and interpretations I didn’t even think possible, mingle about in a sea of browns, and red.

Tweed Fink clothing – Thrift
Ralph Lauren sleeves shirt – Thrift
Waistcoat – Thrift
print tie – Thrift
Tommy Trousers – thrift
Check Sock – Urban Outfitter
Mens shoes – J.crew

The Fink clothing Tweed Blazer features a two-button front with flapped front pockets, a slim fit, and durable 44% cotton construction. For some reason they are calling this color brown, but call it grey, brown, whatever. we’ll still take it. I cannot tell you how hard it was to come up with this look that best reflect to what the call “preppy”