Ostentatiou – Knitted Beanie Hat

Steven Onoja : Knitted Beanie hats have been all over the festival fields this summer and are set to continue to adorn our heads throughout the winter too.
The Style hats are perfect for covering up bad hair days with minimum effort and they go with almost any day time look. This look works great for hangover days. Use your knitted to cover up bed head and throw on some shades for a cool rock chick solution. Make sure it doesn’t drop over your eye brows or form a peek on top of your head. Unless it’s the tea cosy style, the beanie should fit neat and snug on your head.

The knitted beanie is the king of all winter hats. Why? Well it’s simple really; it fits snug, it comes in a variety of patterened designs yet the shape is simple and elegant. Finally, it’s versatile. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a fitted beanie with a blazer and shirt as it is pairing it with a hoodie with jeans.

Beanie Hat
Red hunter Jacket Vintage
sweater Vintage – W.D. Stewart
Sleeves Shirt Vintage – Clue Monaco
Braided Belt – Vintage
Trousers Vintage – Topman
Shoes Vintage – Clarks

Hunter Jacket : The Hunter Jacket features a cotton composition, 4 flap pockets with detailed stitching, the bottom 2 flap pockets also have a side pocket opening, hood drawstrings. The jacket signifies a ‘trophy’ and makes reference to the reward system associated with hunting. the transformation narrates the use/function of the jacket.

Trousers : Two selections for any man black trousers and black jeans, one slightly more expensive than the other, but both with fantastic silhouettes.
Shoes : Clarks are a well-known name in quality, durability, and classic style, this looks great in Clarks shoes will take you through this fall with ease. This shoe style is made in accordance with the classic comfort shoe, the loafer. This shoe soles allow for natural foot spread for extra comfort, while the skin layer socks keep your feet comfortable and dry.
Photo Credit : Ike Slimster