ostentatiou: Levi’s textile waistcoat

Steven Onoja : The Levi’s waistcoat is a great looking piece for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. The striped textile waistcoat comes in different colors with double-pocket detailing and also features internal wool fabrics.
Vintage Hat : Derby Hats are instantly visible when worn, making them fantastic for summer and fall seasons. Made to protect man’s head, created for an Englishman in the 80′s.
Vintage hat
Sleeve Shirt – L.L.Bean
Waistcoat – The Levi’s Vintage
Trousers – Rugby Jeans
Brown Leather Belt – dr jays
Shoes – Sebago Handsewns

It’s a perfect casual throw over for the warmer months ahead but don’t count it out when it comes time to get dressed up.

rugby jeans – I do some of my clothes shopping in a vintage store. That’s how i came across these jeans few months back dark Blue to signify the colors of a well-worn pair of vintage Levi’s. I consider it classic Americana. I’m real fond of my vintage pieces old, typical worn with a new turn.

Shoes : Another solid piece from Sebago handsewn, which could be used in both raining and dry seasons and produced this outstanding piece of work. I truly can’t complain they suit really well and have such a perfect branding.
Photo Credit – Funfere Keniye Koroye