Ostentatious : Military Jacket

Steven Onoja : vintage African military jacket one of a mind. The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an September day. Layering is a great look for ’11. Keep the fall chill out by layering your cardigan, waistcoat and comfy t-shirt with one of these looks in men’s jackets.

Vintage Hat
Vintage African military jacket
white long sleeve – zara
cargo pants – Uniqlo
Vintage Jonathan Shoes

The vintage jacket was giving to me by my hommie Bola, Awesome jacket. I’d put him in a pair of cargo from “Uni qlo” with a cleanly pressed white cotton Henley long sleeve (you could go with that or a linen button up with the top to buttons open) Shirt would be un-tucked. The jacket would be a cotton colored military jacket.
The shoes would be vintage Johnathan shoes made in Italy, Brown in color. These shoes are classic, comfortable, work with any outfit and would be all but ruined by a run in with sand and sea water.

Photo credit – Funfere Keniye Koroye
Location – 125 street