Osentatious : Camouflage pants

Steven Onoja : Since Summer seem a bit bust here in NYC, Maybe this season I’d like to get something coloured and bright and a bit calm. I am heavily inspired by youths like myself by creating a collection in such colours it really allows all the structure and processes to be this is another head to toe print exploration, a version of which you have never seen before on here but this time its purer. It all began with this camo pants, which I bought at the vintage store few months ago and I try and find things to match it all the time is the colours are magnificent. Seriously, Have never dress like this before, just wanted to do something different. I guess I really don’t know how to describe my style. I just wear what I like.

Hat: Urban Outfitter
short Sleeves: Vintage Print
Camo Pants: Vintage camouflage
Shoes: Cole haan

Bag:It goes without saying that for the bag and I, It was love at first sight. By that I mean that it seemed deconstructed, which given how masterful the construction is, on each and every bad the produces is quite a departure indeed.

I shall continue the hunt for something cheap and cheerful.

Photo Credit : Anthony Utuk
Location : New york, NY