Ostentatious: Accessories

Steven Onoja: My purpose here is to impact culture. There are so many people in this world, so many different problems, and so many things that could be better. If I could, I would change it all. In this look below I finally got to wear cargo pants, I have been searching for a cargo pants for days now eventually came across it on sale at H & M. Cargo pants When those words come to mind I normally would associate them as being an item of comfort, or essentially something.

Sunglasses They are pretty wacky I think and I’m expecting a lot of “is he for real” looks like I’m a recent diagnoses of clinically crazy, but I think they are just wonderful in every way. Like after every sunglasses purchase I insist to myself that this will be the last pair, but who am I kidding? To keep it short I did get those glasses from a vintage for 8 dollars

The details

Sunglasses: Vintage
Sleeves: Liberty of london for Target
Cargo pants: H&M
Sandals: Zara

Sandals:Currently obsessing over a number of things this month. The main thing that seems to be constantly on my mind are bold shoes but I was so please to find this sandals on sale for 30 dollars if am right. Simply and free