Ostentatious: The Irish Linen Ludlow Suit

Steven Onoja : I’ve been living in NYC since January last year, It’s no surprise to me that time is flying by. I had specific goals set on the move here. I think about a lot of different things, throughout one whole day. Between school, my creative world Art and fashion. I’ll get A’s in both of my classes and I’m doing my best to continue to challenge myself to be the best man of character I can be. I guess I really don’t know how to describe my style. I just wear what I like and I’m ok with that. Although This suit is a product of J.Crew, I purchased these few months ago though I was uncertain of how I would implement them into my wardrobe.

Outfit details
Hat: Urban Outfitter
Suit: The Irish Linen Ludlow Suit
Blue sleeves: Armani exchange
Belt: Topman
Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Blus sleeves : Its a Vintage find interesting to know that it’s from Armani Exchange. I’ve been on the search looking for a prefect shirt for the suit, eventually came across these. I felt comfortable in the cloth as i try it out and i decided to get it.

I love the energy in that area. I feel like you can learn so much about style and people by just watching the interactions on the street, you dont even have to enter any stores. Everyone is so comfortable in their own skin, and puts together things that are natural and compliment who they are. Isn’t that what style is all about? Making something that can be high end, or thrifted look like a million dollars, not really because of the brand, but because of you.

Brown Leather Bag : This leather bag is probably one of the best pieces I have discovered at a thrift store yet. The size of this bag is just right, its not to big and its not to small which makes it really easy to carry my essentials with out it getting heavy, bulky, or loosing its form.

But I have grown fond of these shoes, the amount of comfort is incredible its as if I have nothing on my feet. I surely will not regret this purchase

Photo Credit : Samuel
Location : 59 street, 5 ave