Ostentatious: The Essential Chino

Steven Onoja I just try to switch it up and bring something new to the table. The end of spring and into the nice, Hot summer weather. With hot weather, more creative starts to emerge as we see a change in style. When I think of the end of spring, bright colors come to mind lighten up by wear less. The combination of such color helps bring some quality and life to this Partially. The many options I have to choose from, makes the process of putting one together to create a different personality make fashion very difficult I must say. I can’t obviously dictate what other people wear, but my principle is just slightly above mixing up two major colors together. Styles and colors that I think can fit anyone looking for the right style.
Hat : Topman
Shirt : Gap
Pocket Square : Zara
Belt : Dr jays
Red Pants : J.Crew
Shoes : Vintage Cole Haan
I strongly recommend you guys to look into them for some premium leather goods and accessories.

The Dusty berry pants I find it from the vintage, The red J.Crew cotton twill. regular fit often times look a lot better with a nice worn on bright colors to it.
It gives the shirt more of a modern fit and looks great on me. I loved the faded green color of the shirt.

Photo Credit : Tarella Akemo
Location : Court Square