Ostentatious : Levi’s jeans

Steven Onoja : I don’t always wear skinny jeans. The clothes is simple to very dandy degree, which to most label houses is an almost impossible route. I thought was cool to wear to church. Adding to not having any knowledge about formal wear, my street wear obsession made it even difficult to learn from just mere observation. From experience I know how easy it is to ignore the white shirt and rather go for the more eye flattering shirts because you obviously want to make an impression but want to feel comfortable. Its simpleIt makes a look very easy on the eye, you cant go wrong with a white shirt. These pants are Levi’s Strauss & co 501
Hat : Urban Outfit
White Shirt : H&M
Levi’s : Urban Outfit
Black Leather Bag : Vintage
Socks : Zara
Shoes : Vintage Cole Haan

Location : 51 st, 7 ave