Ostentatious : The Waistcoat

Steven Onoja: As always, each item is made with different stories quality for which the are known. The city in spring calls for the timeless trench. An elegant silk tie. A pair of fine leather shoes. It’s all about a priority set on style, I like high-waistcoat because they’re often flattering. And I love these shoes. they have a strong, gladiator feel, got the Ralph Lauren shoes from the Vintage store for $34. They dressed in a way that was comfortable, Paired here with a brown color men wear from Zara. I like the intensity of psychological roles. Maybe it’s because I am kind of quite and I’ve never been able to express. keep true to your cool. Its the only thing nobody can have but you
Being able to switch up your appearance with a mixture of preppy, contemporary, modern, vintage inspired, shows ones versatilty and ability to adapt

My style is very simple and less adventurous, i keep to the rules and classics. I might break the rules every now and then but in a very subtle way. Today i woke up feeling like free so I decided to keep it classy with no dash off color.

Hat | Vintage L.L. Bean – Free port, Maine
Long Sleeves | Vintage Troglodyte Homunculus
Waistcoat | Vintage
Pocket Square | Zara
Brown pant | Zara
Shoes | Vintage Ralph Lauren

Photo Credit | Tarella Akemo
Location | Greenwich, Morris