Ostentatious : Sebago Handsewns

Steven Onoja: After a lot of searching, I came across Sebago handsewns to make my looks more shape and beat up during the spring months. I was able to grab this for $114, It’s a fair price. This idea of sense of self and inner faith presents what is to be and the control we all have of our personal reality. This was all very inspiring to me and really pushed my creative and personal limits. although It has been worn by several people who inspire me. Aside from it’s festive vibes, I chose this particular pants because like anything else of what I wear, I wanted to display how easy it is to utilize this shade. Today this was what i wore to church

The tie are yet another vintage find. I came across these tie few months ago. That became an influence to dress better. Just like many things less can be more and style is no exception to this. As simply as it can get, I have always had an attraction to style.

Accessories are nicely assembled and the location in the background makes this photo for me. My creative process really consist of a billion images, quotes, songs, paints just racing through my brain in a second. Even when am awake

Sebago handsewns | Miz-Mooz
Hat | Urban Outfit
Blue Sleeves | H&M
Pants | Topman
Black Leather Bag | Vintage
Belt | Dr Jay
Tie | Vintage

I’ve always liked the concept of the hat and it’s style that it creates. One thing I love about these hats is the variety of ways you can wear it, leaves room for creativity.

Photo Credit | Tarella Akemo
Location | Whitehall street, New York City