Spring/Ostentatious: Check Pant – J.Press

Steven Onoja: Some days you just got to try on whatever you want Arising from a natural inclination or impulse and see how it turns out. It just works so well for me with a lot of things. I was wearing a lot of dark colors and neutrals but I just recently began playing more with color. It is an item that can find itself suitable in just about any situation. If there is something i love doing in the morning, it would be accessorizing. You can wear the most basic and plain piece of clothing but still make a statement by accessorizing. It has to be done carefully though, or you’d look like a Christmas tree or an accessory rack from Target.

Ideally, every man would like a garments altered according to their individual needs. When I learned bespoke clothiers also When selecting what tie to match with certain shirts and jackets, there are two chief considerations: color and formality. Then decided to hanging with my girl Susan Oluwatoyin Oludele from africancreature.blogspot.com the other day, I decided to take some pictures with her behind my campus. She is amazing

After being inspired by Susy Spring/Summer 2011 collection, I’ve had no choice but to color block.

Hope your enjoying the warm weather in the city. Make a great weekend.

Occupation | Student
Location | 125 Street, New York City